We are a VR game dev studio hailing out of the blisteringly hot Ipswich, Australia!

No seriously, the heat is killing us. You try playing VR in an unconditioned garage in 40°C temperatures without going into total mental meltdown like we have.

Founded in 2016, we started out working on VR applications for clients, until we got sick of working on other people’s projects and not our own. Since then we’ve been doing lots of experiments like mad VR scientists, pushing the boundaries on what can be and should be done in VR. We’ve made lots of people sick over the years. Let’s not speak about the accidental jumping button incident of 2018 that made a whole panel of judges at a VR Hackathon sick.

Currently we’re working on Mega Punchy Golf, a golf game about punching balls. Maybe the heat has gotten to us a bit too much.